Vanessa – Alphington


Name: Vanessa
Location: Alphington, Victoria
Occupation: Creative marketer & podcaster
Episode Recorded: 3 February 2021
Words of Wisdom 1: Be 1% better than yesterday.
Words of Wisdom 2: Be patiently impatient. “Macro patience, micro speed.”
Words of Wisdom 3: The best form of revenge is not purely success. In my opinion, it is happiness and living a damn good life.
Words of Wisdom 4: Always make your bed in the morning. If you’ve had a bad day, at least you can come home to a successfully and perfectly made up bed.
Words of Wisdom 5: Use Trello to organise your life and brain dump all your ideas and thoughts on there. Eg Set goals, life admin, create to do lists, travel bucket list, creative projects.