Rachel – Royal Tunbridge Wells


Name: Rachel
Location: Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK
Occupation: Personal development and self care coach
Episode Recorded: 2 February 2021
Words of Wisdom 1: Some activities deplete your energy and others replenish it. It’s all about knowing what works for you. Self care is a crucial activity to include in your life so that you are not running on empty, so that you have something left to give to yourself.
Words of Wisdom 2: Self care isn’t something you do once and tick off the list; it’s the constant repetition of many tiny habits.
Words of Wisdom 3: So often we go through life on autopilot and do the things for our wellbeing that we think we ‘should’. I’m all for banning the word ‘should’ from our vocabulary.
Words of Wisdom 4: Many of us ignore the natural rhythms of our own bodies – always feeling like we ‘should be doing something’ when in truth we are cyclical beings, and by honouring that we can thrive.
Words of Wisdom 5: So many people tell me they don’t have the time. Yet it isn’t about time – we all have the same number of hours in a day; it’s what you do with them that counts!