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There are a couple of ways to listen to WOWpod:

  • by subscribing via one of your favourite podcasting stores, or
  • by listening to individual conversations here on

We recommend subscribing to WOWpod - that way, every time we publish a new conversation, you'll receive a notification on your mobile device. If you rely on visiting the web site when you think of it, you stand a good chance that you'll miss one or more conversations. It costs you nothing to subscribe and download - so do it now.

In the next section of this screen, we list our preferred podcast stores and how to subscribe through each of them.

Subscribing to WOWpod

The word subscribing can be a little misleading here - usually subscribing means that you are required to make a monthly or yearly payment. Not in the world of podcasting - it simply means that you link to your favourite podcasts and every time a new episode of that podcast is published, you are notified - usually by a small number appearing next to the podcasting icon on the screen of your mobile device.

Please click on one of the icons below to be taken to WOWpod in the podcast store for that app.

Acast - Apple & Android devices
Apple Podcasts - Apple devices only
Breaker - Apple & Android devices
Google Podcasts - Android devices only
Pocket Casts - Apple & Android devices
Spotify - Apple & Android devices
Stitcher - Apple & Android devices
Tune In - Apple & Android devices

Please note that these are the podcast stores who accepted our publication request. Some other stores (e.g. Overcast, Castro, etc) source their content from Apple Podcasts. Therefore, WOWpod is very likely to be available in some of these additional stores as well.

Listen to single conversations on the WOWpod website

While we certainly encourage site visitors to subscribe to WOWpod via one of the sites listed above, you can also listen to individual conversations directly from the WOWpod web site.

To listen to individual conversations, please visit our Conversation Archive where all conversations are displayed. Simply click on the conversation of your choice and then click on the Play button.

Here are our most recent conversations:

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