Jürgen – Lara


Name: Jürgen
Location: Lara, Victoria
Occupation: Transformational Marketer, Speaker, Trainer, Podcast Coach, Host of the InnovaBuzz Podcast and Tales of Marketing Show, Founder of Innovabiz, Learn-It-All, Obsessed cyclist, Photographer, NLP Master Practitioner, Loving father and husband
Website: www.innovabiz.com.au
Episode Recorded: 24 September 2020
Words of Wisdom 1: Marketing has lost it’s way – let’s make it human again.
Words of Wisdom 2: Marketing is the Art and Science of creating and sustaining memorable, remarkable experiences and relationships.
Words of Wisdom 3: Our customers are prospects for our competitors! How we keep our customers loyal is purely down to how we look after them.
Words of Wisdom 4: Meaningful conversations lead to transformation, trigger imagination and insights.
Words of Wisdom 5: Out of gratitude comes curiosity. Insatiable curiosity about all things, leads to innovation.