Ian Cover (Geelong)

wowConversations, Well Known Wednesday

Name: Ian Cover
Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Occupation: Radio personality
Website: www.coodabeens.com.au
Background: Ian Cover is a Geelong boy, a journalist, comedian, author, former state politician and radio presenter. Yet another graduate of our local entertainment factory, Belmont High School, our guest fell in with a group of fledgling community radio presenters 40 years ago and started a program called the Coodabeen Champions. Fast forward to today and the Coodabeens are still going strong, presenting a weekly two hour program on ABC radio throughout the footy season.
Episode Recorded: 27 November 2020
Words of Wisdom 1: Never trust a man who wears white shoes…or carries an umbrella.
Words of Wisdom 2: Never get ahead of yourself.
Words of Wisdom 3: Know your place.
Words of Wisdom 4: There’s safety in numbers.
Words of Wisdom 5: You’re only young once but anyone can be immature!