Cassie – Highton


Name: Cassie
Location: Highton, Victoria
Occupation: Teacher, online business owner and Mum
Episode Recorded: 28 April 2020
Words of Wisdom 1: Follow your heart or shit happens basically.
Words of Wisdom 2: Find positive yet neutral ways to say how you feel. Think about the labels in life – what do they really mean?
Words of Wisdom 3: Create your own light.
Words of Wisdom 4: Become so full of yourself, so you can give to others from your overflow.
Words of Wisdom 5: I want to inspire others , and be inspired back.
Other comments: Lately I have been doing a lot of self work so that I can understand others and the world. But it starts with self.

I also question the labels society has.
What if mental health was called connected health?
What if been a teen mum is a good thing? It sure did set me on a path to great learning and conquering.
What if been confident is not arrogant or naive? But simply the way to kindness and compassion?
Keep your heart , mind and options open, or you might just miss out on some thing freaking amazing.