Bronwen – Melville


Name: Bronwen
Location: Melville, WA
Occupation: International Author & Simplicity Expert
Episode Recorded: 9 September 2020
Words of Wisdom 1: There is a way to be healthy, happy AND highly successful … you just have to be prepared to make everything simple.
Words of Wisdom 2: You’ve been given a construct and walls of life by other people around you, it’s your choice whether you let those walls contain you.
Words of Wisdom 3: The greatest gift you can give to yourself is the same level of love and compassion that you so readily give to others.
Words of Wisdom 4: When you take the time to understand what is important to you, you make it very easy to see the things in your life that waste your time.
Words of Wisdom 5: Life is a game, made up of rules given to you by other people, but you get to choose which rules are right for you, and which ones you no longer want to run your life.