Another milestone for WOWpod!


We are thrilled to be able to announce another amazing milestone for WOWpod … the 2500th WOWpod download!

While we acknowledge that we don’t have other podcasts shaking in their boots, this is a pretty satisfying result for a humble little podcast that only ever set out to share the collective wisdom of a group of people – not mainstream celebrities, not so-called social media influencers. Just regular, normal, everyday people with something to share.

In case you haven’t noticed the running totals on the front page of the WOWpod web site, the current scoreboard looks like this – 67 conversations recorded, 57 published, 290 statements of wisdom and 2507 downloads. This is so much more than we ever expected when we established WOWpod, so thank you to:

  • The people who have been prepared to share their wisdom
  • The people who have downloaded and listener to the episodes
  • The people who provided their very supportive feedback

We’ve got some more really interesting people lined up to be part of WOWpod but we’re always keen to hear from others who would like to share their wisdom. If you or someone you know would like to be part of WOWpod, please visit and follow the prompts. We’ve also got some other plans for WOWpod during the rest of 2020 and into 2021. Make sure that you follow our social media channels to stay in touch!