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It doesn't matter what your background is, how old you are or what you have experienced in life, you will have accumulated plenty of wisdom along the way.

WOWpod is a podcast that enables normal people to present and discuss their wisdom. We might occasionally have a guest who is well-known in their field of expertise but, in most cases, they'll just be like you and me - people who go about their daily lives, probably not even realising that their accumulated wisdom is something worth sharing.

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The stars of this show are the people who volunteer their time to chat with our podcast host, Neil Butler. In each conversation, Neil will introduce our guest, learn a little about their background, discuss their three to five statements of wisdom and then finish off with some fast facts.

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Once we receive your request to take part, we'll make sure that your registration meets our requirements and let you know. The conversation will take place online so all you need to do is find a time that suits us both (we'll explain how that works once you've contacted us) and be ready to have a chat on your phone. 

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